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The Alchemy of Ascension Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

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Phil is featured in the critically-acclaimed film The Indigo Evolution.  His passion and enthusiasm has made him a much-loved and highly respected speaker on the international scene. 

Phil is acknowledged world-wide as one of the planet’s foremost teachers of Sacred Geometry, Light Language, The Indigo Children, Advanced Healing Systems, The Structure of Time/Space, The Physics and Metaphysics of Consciousness and Creatiion, Cosmic History, The Angelic Worlds and an ever-growing repertoire of fascinating subjects. He has spoken at the United Nations and his first book,”The Kabbalah Code“, a collaboration with James F. Twyman, has been published by Hay House.  Phil is available for private sessions, as well as small group and personal one-on-one mentoring.

Free Gift: Introduction to Phil’s Mentorship Programs.  This intro will include some very powerful processes, activations and initiations that will assist you in your chosen spiritual path and ascension process. 

Special Offer: Reduced tuition on Phil’s one on one Personal Mentorship.

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