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The Alchemy of Ascension Podcast

Oct 3, 2022

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Michelle Lee is the co-founder of The Sophia Mystery School for Extraordinary People. She’s an Intuitive Breakthrough Coach, a mystic, psychic, and a direct conduit of the Divine Feminine. Michelle’s mission is to transform the female experience on Earth by helping women awaken to and embody their divinity, value, and authenticity.

Michelle is the author of Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey mp3 and the creator of countless weekend workshops and most recently her book, Women: From Profit to Power, Your Guide to Claiming Your Worth.

Megan Camille is an Intuitive Business Consultant, serving entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs in increasing their sale’s revenue, attracting their ideal clients, and KNOWING their next best step. Megan has served as the VP of Sales for two corporations, and she is the CEO and founder of Megan Camille Enterprises. Megan is a clear channel for Source and has been psychic her entire life. Megan is a proud mother of five beautiful children.

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